Gifts for Powerlifters: 4 Great Ideas

Gifts for Powerlifters: 4 Great Ideas

You’ve come to the correct place if you’re looking for the greatest presents for powerlifters.

Whatever the occasion – Christmas, birthday, graduation, or other holidays — this powerlifter gift guide will assist you in selecting the ideal gift for your powerlifting friend, family member, or significant other.

Powerlifters tend to have intense personalities and specialized tastes, making them tough to shop for – but you probably already knew that…

…Luckily, I’m here to share some options so you may discover the perfect present for the powerlifter in your life.


VITRUVE Velocity Based Training Device

  1. VITRUVE Velocity Based Training Device

The VITRUVE velocity-based training equipment is possibly the best powerlifting gift idea. Let me explain why.

It is a piece of technology that enables velocity-based training (VBT). VBT is a type of autoregulation training that uses exercise speed to program the correct weight for each set and manage fatigue in real-time.

…So, why aren’t more powerlifters doing VBT? Mostly because a precise VBT device like VITRUVE is required to perform so properly and efficiently. Until recently, these were uncommon, prohibitively expensive, and inefficient. That has shifted.

Any powerlifter may take their training to the next level in terms of performance and fatigue management with the VITRUVE VBT gadget. This translates into faster improvement, more efficient training, and fewer injuries.

So, what precisely is VITRUVE?

The technical term for it is an optical linear encoder. It takes linear movements and turns them to an angular movement that is utilized to collect all of the data from a lift using a coil.

Simply said, the VITRUVE encoder is a little box with a coil of incredibly strong nylon thread inside. You tie this string to the barbell and place the box on the ground. Then you complete your lift; the string extends as the bar rises and retracts as it falls.

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The electronics and algorithms inside the box track every movement in real time with great precision and sends it directly to the app on your phone (via bluetooth or wifi).

Here’s a video that shows an unboxing of the VITRUVE VBT device and goes into how it works and how to use it in further detail:

The VITRUVE encoder measures the following:

The VITRUVE encoder measures the following:

  • Rep count
  • Peak velocity and mean concentric velocity
  • Mean Power
  • Range of motion
  • Estimated 1RM
  • Fatigue/velocity loss and velocity zones
  • Peak Force, peak power and peak and mean acceleration (these measurements are only available for the VITRUVE Teams app, which is a subscription app for teams)

Because of their precision, encoders such as VITRUVE are considered the gold standard for VBT devices. There are other accelerometer-based VBT devices available, including the BEAST Sensor, which I previously used. However, the research demonstrates that accelerometer-based VBT devices are simply insufficiently accurate. And if you’ve tried both, you’ll notice a significant difference.

I’ve since replaced my old accelerometer-based VBT device (BEAST) with the VITRUVE encoder. In terms of practical application and translating to actual results, the improvement in precision makes all the difference.

  1. A7 Bar Grip™ Shirts

The best item of gymwear you can buy is an A7 Bar Grip shirt. Why? Because it’s much more than a shirt. It’s a fantastic gym accessory.

This shirt has extremely durable and sticky grips incorporated into the back. It’s composed of the same material as football wide receiver gloves.

There will be no more bar sliding on squats. No more slipping backwards on the bench. There’s no need for chalk.

This basic, yet creative design addresses two vexing problems that every powerlifter is familiar with:

  1. On squats, it keeps the bar from sliding down your back. This is particularly effective for low bar squats, but it is also useful for high bar squats.
  2. Prevents back sliding during bench press. This is an issue when you’re sweating and/or your weight bench’s pack pad cover is made of a slick fabric. The most recent version of A7’s Bar Grip line was initially termed the Bar Grip “Full” because the grips fully encompassed the upper back, shoulders, and traps. However, because all Bar Grip shirts now have this entire coverage, the “Full” component of the term has been omitted, and they are now just known as “Bar Grip” shirts.
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You can read my in-depth A7 Bar Grip review here, which focuses on this updated and improved version and provides comprehensive coverage.

The Bar Grip 3.0 was the previous version. I’ve written two evaluations on various styles of the 3.0, both of which received high marks:

The shirts are trimmed and fit closer to the body, giving them an athletic fit. This means wider in the chest and slimmer at the waist for men. This means wider at the chest, narrower at the waist, and wider at the hips for women.

The shirts fit perfectly. If you need more information, refer to the sizing table below for men’s and women’s sizes:

Another amazing feature of these shirts is their low price. Depending on the design, they cost between $32 and $35.

  1. Knee Sleeves

Knee sleeves are an excellent tool for keeping the knees warm, reducing knee pain or damage, and providing extra support during squats.

If you purchase the Rehbands, get one size down from what is indicated in the sizing table below.

SBD Knee Sleeves are another excellent choice. If you’re purchasing SBDs for someone who trains like a powerlifter but doesn’t compete, go with the “tight fit” size given in the table below. If it’s a present for a serious powerlifter, go one size smaller than the “tight fit” size in the table below.

The added tension allows the lifter to “jump” out of the bottom of the movement, increasing the max squat by 20 pounds.

I hadn’t utilized the SBD sleeves when I published this article in late 2014. I did, however, wind up acquiring them a few months later. They’re fantastic, as expected. Pulling them on can be a pain in the ass, but the added tightness is worth it.

  1. Wrist Wraps
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Wrist wraps are an excellent tool for improving wrist support when performing heavy bench press or overhead press activities.

They prevent the wrist from bending back too far, which could result in wrist pain or damage.

Wrist wraps can also help lifters avoid their biggest nightmare of dropping the bar due to wrist collapse (which needless to say could be fatal on bench press).

These are ideal for any lifter who is at least an intermediate. Beginners should work on developing fundamental wrist/forearm strength on pressing movements before using them (the sole exception being to help them work around a slight wrist injury or pain).

The Inzer Iron Z Wrist Wraps are ideal for someone who is new to utilizing wrist wraps and has intermediate to advanced strength on the bench press or overhead press.

Titan THP Powerlifting Wrist Wraps are a good solution for people with an advanced to elite bench press:

For whichever wrap you end up choosing, I’d recommend the 24 inch choice for sizing. That’s a long enough length to provide adequate support for most males without requiring excessive material.

It’s also short enough to be legal in all federations (though most feds allow 1 meter).

Unless the powerlifter you’re buying them for has really huge wrists and/or an outstanding bench press, 36 inches is definitely overkill.

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